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Consultant English language examiner/tutor (New York)


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IELTS . Tech are seeking applications from qualified and experienced English language tutors.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they meet the following criteria:

1. Hold an earned degree in the English language from an accredited university/college/institute in one of the following disciplines:

ESL, TESOL, education, linguistics, English literature, humanities, arts, social sciences;

2. Experience teaching youth and/or adults in one of the disciplines listed above;

3. Experience teaching youth/adults using online (e.g. Moodle, e-mail, Skype) and/or remote (e.g. telephone) technologies

4. A genuine enthusiasm for teaching, pedagogy, education and customer-service excellence.

5. A can-do attitude and a commitment to supporting students

6. A detailed knowledge of the testing and assessment procedures for of at least ONE of these international language exams:

IELTS, Pearson PTE, TEOFL, TOEIC, Cambridge CAE or CEFLS (European)

7. Be fluent and/or native speakers of the English language and be able to differentiate e.g. British c.f. American English.

Please send your CV to Dr. Jay Jericho

A cover letter is not essential. Applicants with a cover letter will be favored if the number of applicants exceeds the number of vacancies.


Jay Jericho

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