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Account Executive (New York)


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JobGen helps people find or create jobs by guiding them through an interactive online program that leads them to become more employable. Participants have the opportunity of engaging a mentor to help them prepare for new employment.This is an opportunity to sell this valuable and exciting service to people that have a mandate to help others find employment. Your job would be to introduce our service to foundations, church groups, philanthropies, government agencies, school boards, and companies putting together a layoff package, that are interested in helping people find jobs.This commissioned sales position is available for people who care about helping others find employment. There are openings for immediate work in most US and Canadian cities.This service is 1/10th the cost of competing services and is as effective or more effective.Sponsors love us because they can trace the effectiveness of their sponsorship dollars through access to a portal that tracks the participation and success of all their coupon recipients.Here is a list of the packages that you can sell: 10 Coupons at $40 each ($400 per package) 100 Coupons at $35 each ($3,500 per package) 1,000 Coupons at $30 each ($30,000 per package) 10,000 Coupons at $25 each ($250,000 per package) You can create your own packages to meet your clients needs and for the first 90 days, give new clients whatever discounts they need in order for you to close the sale.You will receive 25% commission on all that you sell. There will be bonus incentives in your contract. Your territory will be protected. Any and all sales and leads that come to the web site from your territory are all yours. If we agree to work together, you can start right away.Applicants must be current residents of USA or Canada.

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