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Fabricator Welder (Brooklyn)


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Brooklyn based steel fabrication shop seeks experienced full-time shop and field site welders. Qualified candidates must be able to demonstrate proper welding for steel up to 3/4" thick. You will be tested on your basic knowledge of welding as well as a coupon test.The right candidate will be able to:Produce strong penetrated welds that are smooth, non-porous, and consistent.Demonstrate competence with all aspects of SMAW processes and equipment.Follow required procedures and use appropriate jigs, fixtures, blueprints and technical drawings to assist in the assembly process.Communicate effectively with other workers towards establishing goal oriented objectives while maintaining high quality results.Develop a sustained record of timely attendance, positive attitude and increased responsibility throughout all aspects of the job.Maintain an ability to weld flat and vertical with good penetration and appearance.Examine weld for bead size and other specifications.Grind or clean weld joint of work piece in preparation for additional weld or complete finish.Position and clamp work pieces together according to and meeting all specified dimensions.Possess a high skill using oxygen/acetylene torches including precision beveled cuts.Incorporate mathematics including fractions and angles in to all aspects of work.Confidently use all measurement tools for fit-up, including tape measure, combination square, steel rule, level, chalk line, soap stone, etc.Physical RequirementsAbility to lift 50 pounds.Must possess adequate sight, hearing and use of limbs for all aspects of job.Able to work for periods of time while kneeling, crouching, crawling, lying down, overhead, climbing steps as well as the ability to work from a ladder.Benefits401K, medical, dental, vision, vacations, holidays, sick days, uniforms, steel toe shoes, etc.Please reply with resume and contact information.

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