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Rare 1960's Film Collection - Unpublished Interviews, Promos 60+ Reels - $500 (New York)

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Rare 1960’s Movie Promos and Unpublished Actor Interviews

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A collection of just over 60 five inch reel to reel tapes obtained from the collection of a former executive of Paramount Pictures. The tapes contain rare demos of various promos for upcoming movies as well as on site unpublished interviews with the stars of the day. The actors and directors interviewed include; Cary Grant, Robert Redford, Anthony Quinn, Kurt Unger, Sophie Loren, James Mason, Stephen Boyd, Henry Levin, Alec Guinness, Michael Connors and others. There are several original memos between the Executives at Paramount Pictures regarding some of the interviews.

There is one set of tapes that appear to be tapes of Don Cherry recording his hit “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” great tapes with control room banter and various takes of the song.

The tapes are all in very good condition with no vinegar smells and no stickiness or particle drop off. The boxes have hand written information on the backs and or spines. I have done my best to pair the correct tape with the correct box however some tapes contain material that is different from what is stated on the box. I have listened to every tape and thus have a very good indication of the material on every tape.

The following recaps the collection:

1961 – Buddha – Movie dialogue
1962 – La Scene D’Amour – Soundtrack music
1962 – Don Cherry – 3 reels – Recording his song “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” 4 takes with control room banter, short promo for the movie White Voices, Again Don Cherry with takes 5 – 11 with take 7 being a complete take, take 12 plus control room banter
1963 – The Victors – Interview with Vincent Edwards
1964 – The Brass Bottle – Movie promos done by Tony Randall takes 1 – 4
1964 – Zorba The Greek – Interview with Anthony Quinn
1964 – Father Goose / Bedtime Stories – Movie promos done by Cary Grant (demos)
1964 – Apache Rifles – Movie dialogue
1964 – The New Interns – Interviews with audience members after the film premiere
1964 – The Train – 4 reels – Movie promos with Burt Lancaster and Paul Scofield, Interview with Stephen Boyd, and Radio promo clips
1964 – Behold A Pale Horse – Movie dialogue
1964 – Various Movie promos – Elvis Presley Viva Las Vegas, The Fugitive, Disorderly Orderly, Gigo, Elvis Presley Girl Happy
1965 – Mr. Moses – 3 reels – Radio promos, film dialogue, and soundtrack music
1965 – Genghis Khan – 4 reels – Interviews with James Mason, Yvonne Mitchell and director Henry Levin
1965 – Lord Jim – 4 reels – Interview with Jack Hawkins and James Mason
1965 – In Harms Way – 2 reels – Movie promos done by director Otto Preminger
1965 – Situation Hopeless But Not Serious – 5 reels – Interviews with Gottfried Reinhardt, Michael Connors, Robert Redford, Anita Hofer and Alec Guinness
1965 – Young Cassidy – Script demos
1965 – Bambola – Movie dialogue and soundtrack music
1965 – 3rd Day – Interview with Liz Ashley
1965 – The Nanny – Movie trailer and movie dialogue
1966 – Judith – Interviews with Kurt Unger and Sophie Loren
1966 – Fortune Cookie – Movie dialogue
1967 – The Bride Wore Black – 2 reels – Interviews with audience members, and movie dialogue
1960’s – Al Capp – Al Capp talking about movie awards and other topics
1960’s – Topper – movie dialogue
1960’s – Faith Dane – Reciting The Gettysburg Address
1960’s – Might be Ella Fitzgerald singing “Out Of This World”

Other – 15 reels – These reels contain recordings of a Munsters TV show, a home recording of the song Heart And Soul and various other bits and pieces.

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