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Available Room Rentals */* Mixture Of Reliable Venues - $150 (New York)

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Available Room Rentals */* Mixture Of Reliable Venues

Now offering an assemblage of clean/safe/quiet furnished or unfurnished
rooms for rent in quite a lot of locations in Manhattan and the Bronx.

Separate entry, full use of kitchen facilities, new carpet,
walk to subway, no charge for cable TV and internet.

Room rentals starting at $125 per week...
One week rent & one week security will be required to be given use.
Readily available for immediate occupancy.

Rooms are in sync with one person... or one person with child...
Rooms are also proper for two people... or two people with child...

If you would be so kind, call us @ 212 697 3137 and send an e-mail for other information.

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