Welcome to weltigo!

We thought that you want to know something about us, so here it goes.
We are a group of people that always thought that there is something wrong with classifieds sites. They are not intuitive, a lot of items that we wanted to search were always in different categories on different sites, and also searching them required checking few categories at once (like you are looking for cool rims, it doesn't matter that they are with tires or not and you want to find 17" or 18", then usually you're looking at 4 different categories).
That's why we decided to redefine classifieds. We thought - why everyone sticks to categories? Tags should do it in better way. So we designed a site that is based on tags. You can stick a tag on every item, so that users who are looking for something specific will find it. You can also exclude a tag from search or make it optional. Thanks to this you can search for a rim, setup optional sizes and exclude the models that don't fit.
We hope that users will find this new way much better than searching in categories :)

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